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This retail design agency will design your unique space

Claessens Erdmann is a retail design agency that aims to change your target group’s shopping experience. The experience needs to be memorable and unique. This agency will do a thorough target group analysis before they are going to create a concept. It is important to clarify their needs and wishes, so you can create a space that is unforgettable. Before these professionals can realise this for you, it is necessary you have a clear view about your product, pricing and promotion. These three P’s are entirely up to you, or another agency of course. The fourth P, place, will be taken care of by Claessens Erdmann.

Discover their impressive portfolio

Would you like to know more about this retail design agency before you get on board with them? Do not hesitate to take a look at their online portfolio. You will discover some memorable projects, for example the project for Holland Cas. Utrecht. In September 2021, this company opened its doors and amazed their target group with a fitting interior, made by this retail design agency. Would you like to discover more about their international projects? Then, for example, take a look at the realisation for Foot Locker. Claessens Erdmann has had full management in designing and rebranding these stores across Europe.

Let this agency impress you

Do you have a retail space and products that need to stand out? It is important your space fits your goals, so please do not hesitate to contact this retail design agency. These professionals will discuss the possibilities with you and find a way to make it fit your budget. Go ahead and take a look at their website to find out more and to find the contact information. One of the professionals of this company will take on your request as soon as possible.