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The Essential Guide to Feature Snippets: Everything You Need to Know

Feature snippets are the search engine’s way of presenting concise and sharp information to answer a user’s query quickly. Also known as Position 0, featured snippets are the short summaries of content that appear at the top of search results. According to digital marketers, feature snippets are one of the most effective ways for businesses to get noticed in the online landscape. In this blog, we’ll deep dive into the world of feature snippets, discussing what they are, how they work, and why you should be using them to improve your online visibility.


Feature snippets are a search engine’s direct answers to a user’s query. These short paragraphs appear at the top of the search results, highlighting essential information relevant to the user’s search terms. The technical term for feature snippets is “rich answers,” and their aim is to give users a quick and precise answer to their queries.

Why Use Feature Snippets?

There are several reasons why businesses and websites use feature snippets. First, feature snippets offer users quick and straightforward answers to their queries, making them more likely to visit and interact with your website. Secondly, feature snippets give brands a chance to establish their authority and trustworthiness on search engines. Lastly, feature snippets attract high-quality traffic, valuable for building a loyal user base.

How Does it Work?

Google uses a highly sophisticated algorithm system, known as RankBrain, to identify relevant content and create feature snippets. RankBrain analyses specific data points, such as a website’s domain authority, content quality, and user behaviour to evaluate the relevance of featured content. Additionally, Google bots scan the indexing structure of a website to ensure that the right data is highlighted.


A great example of the power of feature snippets is “What is the capital of Italy?”. The answer “Rome” appears in a featured snippet, which is sourced from a high-quality website. Google also provides snippets for instructional searches, such as “How to make pasta sauce.” The snippet offers a concise content summary, which makes it easy for users to digest relevant information in seconds.

Common Questions and Answers:

Can I choose which content from my website is displayed in the featured snippet?

No, Google uses an algorithm to choose the most relevant content for the user’s query; however, at times, you can answer a common query in a more precise and detailed manner to increase the chance of being chosen.

Can I track Click-Through Rates for Feature Snippets?

Yes, several SEO tools permit you to track a website’s featured snippet performance.

What can I do to get featured in a snippet?

Create high-quality content with concise answers to common questions in your niche, add meaningful images where possible.

Using featured snippets is an effective way for businesses to improve their online presence and attract high-quality traffic. These short summaries of content help establish brands’ authority and trustworthiness on search engines, sending customers directly to highlighted content. Remember, to be competitive in the search landscape, you need to be a good source of information for your customers. So, start optimising your content for featured snippets ASAP!