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Tailor made window mannequins

Are you looking for female window mannequins, in particular full body mannequins? Do you desire unique samples that are designed especially for your store? Are you having a specific image in your mind of how you want these mannequins to look like? That means it is time for you to get to know BONAMI. This is an extraordinary company that creates and manufactures tailor made window mannequins to your desires. They make a model of your ideas that they will sculp until its perfect. Then they will make a production based on the prototype. Diverse materials and colours are possible to receive the finish you would like.

Your ideas will be transformed into real models

Besides full body female window mannequins, this company is able to make busts as well for female and male representation. Do you prefer simplicity in your product to bring all the attention to your collection? Does your preference go to abstract models? Or perhaps are surrealistic representations exactly what is in line with the visualisation of your store. Of course, realistic mannequins are a possibility as well. Choose a finish in fabric or go for a beautiful RAL colour. In their current collection, they give every mannequin a certain name that describes their characteristics. In this way it is easy to communicate in which direction and style you are thinking. Of course, they create unique designs for you especially as well. Speak out your wishes about busts or full body mannequins and weather you would like a female of male mannequin and you will see your visions transform into real models.

Get to know these amazing creators

Get to know BONAMI and be amazed about the results you will receive. Go for window mannequins that are unique and can make a statement in your store and shopping window. Discuss your ideas and the story of your store with these experts to come to a sublime product. Take a look at their previous models on their website and get inspired.