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Featured: the history of the headshop in Europe

In a headshop, you buy products that help you with the use of narcotics. However, a headshop itself does not sell psychoactive substances. Here you can only buy grinders, long rolling paper, snuff items and water pipes. If you are looking for the best collection of headshop products, then look no further. 24high sells all kinds of headshop products. They test all their products independently in their headshop. Only if they pass this test do they include the products in their online headshop. They are working hard to become the best online headshop in Europe!


A piece of history

Sometime in the 1960s, the first headshop emerged in cities with a high student population. A headshop was mainly created as an extension of independent poster or candle shops. According to some sources, the Psychedelic Shop on Haight Street in San Francisco, California, was the first-ever headshop. This so-called first headshop was run by US Army veteran Ron Thelin and his younger brother Jerry. The origin of this headshop is not entirely clear: some say it opened in 1964, others claim it was not until 1966. It is not clear where exactly the term headshop derives from. The term headshop may come from the euphemistic phrase “get your head on” which is sometimes used when it comes to narcotic use. For example, in the English language, a standard term for recreational drug users is the word “pothead” (for weed users). The  lifestyle aspect can come from other avid fans or hobbyists, such as “deadheads” (fans of the band The Grateful Dead) or “motorheads” / “gearheads” (people who tinker with their cars or ride their motorcycles recreationally). The term headshop is probably derived from this broad background.

Where you previously had to go to a headshop store, today you simply order your headshop products online. 24high sells all kinds of headshop products. They test all their products independently in their headshop. Only if they pass this test will they include them in their online headshop. Your order will be shipped securely and discreetly. No one will know that you have ordered products from an online headshop. Interested? Have a look at their website!