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Does your project benefit from a 5D bend?

A 5D bend has a diameter that is five times larger than a standard bend. Because it is much larger than other bends, a 5D bend is often used within corrosive environments. Well, why is not every pipe a 5D bend then? Due to the thickness, it is much harder to produce than, for instance, a 3D bend. Are you planning a pipeline project that will be used in a corrosive environment, such as an offshore or maritime project? Then your project may require the use of a 5D bend. keeps 5D bends in their standard available stock.

Do you want to add a barred tee for maintenance?

Pipelines require maintenance and this is often performed by a maintenance pig. This is a small device that flows along the pipeline and scrapes any materials off the surface. A barred tee is a type of tee fitting that prevents this pig from flowing into branches of the pipeline where it is not supposed to go. The cage-like structure of a barred tee prevents it from passing through. Therefore, a barred tee is a very important part in any pipeline. Are you looking to purchase one or multiple barred tees for your project? Then check out the available stock at

When in doubt, consult an expert for advice

Are you unsure whether or not your piping project could benefit from a 5D bend or a barred tee? Then you should consult an expert for help. is the leading online specialist in this field. Do you want to know more about these products? Their website contains extensive product information on all the products that they have available. Do you prefer to contact someone from their helpdesk? This is certainly possible. Their helpdesk will gladly help you with any questions or problems regarding pipelines.