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Check coolant and oil level

Check coolant, check oil and top up windshield washer fluid. You can do that very well yourself with the help of the following clear instructions.


Check coolant

Why you should regularly check your coolant
If you regularly need to top up amounts of fluid, that could indicate a leak. Coolants with, for example, the codes G12 or G12+, are ‘long life’ liquids and in principle last a car life. Others must be replaced in the meantime, because otherwise the function deteriorates.

TIP: Only check with a cold engine! Checking with a warm engine can lead to serious burns if done incorrectly!
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Carry out the check every month, for example at the same time as checking the oil level.

So organic the coolant:

  • Only check with a cold engine (preferably your car is on a level surface).
  • You can check the coolant level on the basis of the lines on the transparent expansion vessel.
  • Do you need to refill? Then only do this with the coolant recommended by the manufacturer (instruction manual) or ask the garage for a bottle
    In case of emergency, water is always allowed; after that it is best to check or replace the coolant as soon as possible.
  • If you want to change the coolant yourself, make sure that it does not end up on the street. You can hand in the old coolant at the Milieustraat.

Why you should check oil regularly

Oil has several functions in your engine. It is not only auto lubricants for the rotating parts, but also a cooling and even a cleaning agent. That is why a change period also applies to both the engine oil and the filter. Each engine will ‘use’ some of its oil; one a little more than the other.

Excessive oil consumption may indicate leaks or wear. Oil is held in place by all kinds of (mainly rubber) gaskets; they can ‘sweat’ from leaks after a long time.

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