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Buying an IP address block? Here are 4 things to keep in mind

Does your business need a few extra IP addresses? Are you bridging the gap between IPv4 and IPv6 at the moment? Then you definitely are in the market for an IPv4 block. But how exactly should you tackle this process and what should you keep in mind? 

  1. Present use

The basis for your request for extra IPv4 address space is likely due to your present, or planned use. Whether you’re planning to slowly but surely make the switch to IPv6 from IPv4 or you trying to broaden your networks in the near future, you need to know exactly the reason why you want to make the purchase decision to buy IPv4 address space. That is when you will be able to decide the amount of your IP block.

  1. Upcoming use

Long-term use is a factor that needs to be taken into consideration after you figure out your present use. If the reason you want the IPv4 block is to bridge the gap between IPv4 and IPv6, that means you are aiming to transition to the latter altogether. You should then think about what you’ll do with your IPv4 address once you no longer need it after transitioning to IPv6. Anything can happen by the time you do, you can sell it but who knows if the market will still be what it is today. 

  1. How to purchase

If you decide that you want to purchase the IPv4 address blocks you’ll need to make sure to do so safely. The safest way to do that is by cooperating with an IP broker who is specialized in the business of IP trade. They will do a thorough background check on the people you want to buy from and make sure you won’t fall for any illegal activities or get scammed, plus they’ll also ensure that you do everything according to the rules and regulations.

  1. The amount spent

Unsurprisingly, the amount of money for one IP address is on the rise. So you should be prepared to face some significant costs in terms of trying to obtain a large amount of IPv4 address spaces. Some may suggest that leasing the IPv4 addresses is far more cost-friendly, but that is up to you.

Be prepared

You now know what to keep in mind when traversing through this market, but if you have the opportunity to receive even more help, do not hesitate to take it. There is no such thing as being too prepared.